Cisco CCNP Certification Training: What is New About The BSCI 642-901 Assessment

Cisco CCNP Certification Training: What is New About The BSCI 642-901 Assessment


CCNP certificate is getting a brand new look in the end of 2006. The BSCI and BCMSN exams have been upgraded, and the CIT and BCRAN examinations have been retired. Let us take a peek at what to expect from the BSCI exam.More info

Based on Cisco’s test pattern – admittedly an extremely wide blueprint now – the significant new themes are IP version 6 (IPv6) and multicasting. This really is a change for your candidate and for the examination, although the accession of both of these topics will create an Cisco certification test that much rougher. IPv6 is simply going to become increasingly more widespread in today’s networks, and multicasting is also.

Multicasting for the Cisco CCNP BSCI exam will go far beyond what you’ve heard about it on your CCNA studies. For your new BSCI exam, you ought to be aware of the various ways of creating multicast groups in addition to assigning members . This material was formerly confined to CCIE-level novels, and while I do not search for the queries to be hard as the CCIE written examination, multicasting isn’t a simple subject and shouldn’t be dismissed from the CCNP candidate in 2007.

One big CCNP exam issue that is not moving anywhere is BGP. The Border Gateway Protocol was a part of BSCI exams, which seems to last.

If you are pursuing your CCNP certification in 2007, then make sure to track Cisco’s site for developments to the CCNP design. It is evident that Cisco has raised the bar for CCNP certification and making this significant Cisco certification will consequently increase your market value and media knowledge like never before. Watch for tutorials analyzing the three CCNP exams!

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